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Stroke analysis for swimmers & triathletes

  • 90 minute individual session in our Swim Flume

  • Live video feedback to facilitate feedback and adjustments 

  • Your stroke is analysed from every angle. The impact each adjustment has on your full stroke is recorded for your understanding and future reference

  • Your swim video is delivered to your phone or inbox alongside a specific set of drills for you to work on

  • We have worked with elite swimmers to beginners. No matter what your goals, there is always somethig to work on . .



Swim Analysis + Session planning​
  • Swim Analysis (as above) with an added six weeks of online swim coaching 

  • Your training is devised based on your own unique physiology and is built around the time you have available each week

  • After six weeks we welcome you back for a second video analysis to mark the improvements (thus two video sessions are included)

  • We have had huge success with this personalised programme whilst also being able to implement change for those who swim in groups 


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