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Top 10 Reasons for a Swim Analysis

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

1. You have never seen yourself swim:

It's incredibly difficult to make changes having never actually seen yourself in action. 9/10 what you think you are doing is wide of the mark. And more importantly, it's what you are doing beneath the surface of the water that counts more. Armed with the info you can make substantive change.

2. You are not improving as much as you would like

This is a simple one. You are putting in a tonne of effort for little return - and if you are a triathlete the gains for the same energies spent biking and running don't add up. You realise that swimming is highly technical so its time to give that some focus.

3. You are in a club but are always chasing

You are Johnny Chase. You are in the lane and you are struggling to keep up never mind remember the set. The set is a blur. Although you leave the pool happy with the effort, its the same effort as before and will be tomorrow. You won't improve I am afraid. There is no time for thinking, never mind change.

4. Your club lane is busy

It is difficult for coaches in large multi-sport clubs who simply don't have control over your global programme and thus they don't necessarily know what you did yesterday or what you are needing to do today or tomorrow. To give each swimmer in the pool a different set is nigh impossible and to risk giving the group an easy session or long aerobic intervals is daring! Are the drills utilised fit for you or the group? Are the paces and distances swum correct for what you are training for ? Or are they short and keeping the lane together? Are their loads of toys on deck … We don't mean to sound negative, we love group swims and they have a tonne of benefit but as with points 1,2,3 there is a place for being an individual too.

5. You make up your own swim sets

The pressure ! The uncertainty. With a Swim Analysis+ there's a further option for specific sessions across a range of paces, programmed for you. Your sessions and feedback are on your phone and so too is your video and particular drills. It's simple.

6. You are time poor

Maximise your use of time. Have all the information available. Be focused on yourself. It will safe your time and effort.

7. You normally swim alone

No feedback. No focus and sometimes a little unmotivated ? Working to a specific goal or on a particular programme gives you some accountability and with change comes motivation.

8. You love to use equipment

There is a time and place for all types of training equipment … but if you find that you are using equipment in every session and for most lengths, it has become an aid not a tool. A crux that won't help come event day

9. Your pool swimming doesn't translate to the Open Water

Something isn't translating .. a combination for stroke, awareness and training detail.

10. The season is at an end

Keep ticking over. Start off your training on the right foot and start with working on technique early so that it provides a foundation for those winter miles and thus increases efficiency and your speed of movement.

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