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 Lemond Turbo Sessions

Lactate Testing

Swim Analysis

Facility Hire 


  • Swim Technique Analysis for pool, open water swimmers and triathletes

    1 hr

    110 euros
  • Know more about yourself and what you need to do

    1 hr

    80 euros
  • Swim Technique Analysis, Session Plan and Follow up Analysis

    1 hr

    200 euros
  • 80 euros
  • Hire our Endless pool to deliver your own session or analysis

    2 hr

    90 euros
  • Schedule in your swim analysis here and bring your voucher along

    1 hr 30 min

    Swim Voucher
  • Catch up for when you feel you need it

    45 min

    50 euros
  • swim analysis

    45 min

  • Video your swim for your coach to analyse

    45 min

    50 euros