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The Ras Top 10 Tips

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

Timmy Barry, Anthony Doyle, Bryan Keane, Brian Harris . . 22 experiences between them, here are their top tips for riding The RAS . . 87 days to go.

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation.

"If there's one advantage local riders can have is knowing the stages. Go over them if you can"

2. Special Blocks

"You can’t expect to race 8 days in a row if you haven’t put big hard training days together"

"There isn't really enough distance in Irish races to prepare you properly, so you have to use the weekends and back them up. Ride Friday , 4 hour Saturday session , and ride home from your 110 k race on Sunday, is something I incorporated"

3. Race selection

Racing the Tour of Ulster and Ras Mumhan are important prep races for local riders

4. Smart

"Peloton craft, how to maximize wind protection, and positioning for energy savings"

"Practise riding the gutter in training, and accept the suffering, most lads can't do that and that's when a lot of the splits happen. Knowing how to ride in the crosswinds and knowing when and where the crosswinds are coming will make or break a stage"

5. Suffer smart

"You are always going to have one bad day, no matter how good you are going. You need to be clever and strong enough to hide and save energy when you need to"

5. Sleep and Diet

"Sleep quality and diet throughout the week, to facilitate day to day recovery. Eat today for tomorrow"

6. Fuelling

"Having the right food in your pockets and in the car. Stuff you know you can take. Nothing new. Eating and drinking all day not just when your fugged. Eating and drinking recovery right after stages. Most guys are fugged and dehydrated at the end of the week"

7. Weather ready

"The right kit. Pack everything for every occasion. It's Ireland ! Rather look at it than look for it. And never ride new stuff the week of the race"

8. Day 1

"You have to be switched on from the start. You need to finish day 1 to finish the Ras :) The first day can be brutal, twitchy, everyone's nervous. But you just have to treat it as another race. No panic, but you need to be on it"

9. Training Camp

"It's tough cause most guys are taking a week off work and need to be back in on Monday morning!

But if you can get a weeks training camp or a couple of mini camps in preparation, alongside a good race programme, it will boost your condition in advance"

10. Hold the wheel

"Hold the fuggin wheel"

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