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Swimming - for Triathletes

Swimming - the sport that many athletes see the least progression for the time they put in!

Why is that?

Things we notice:

  • Many triathletes and swimmers find it difficult to demonstrate the swim stroke they wish to use in the water.

  • Aerobic GROUP runs and cycles are recognized as being hugely beneficial but in the pool there is a tendency towards relentless anaerobic work and sometimes unhelpful racing.

  • A triathlete whos weakest discipline is swimming, tends to use (more) or rely on pool equipment during training.

  • Individual elements of the swim stroke are sometimes misunderstood and focused on too much.

Food for thought:

  • If you are not sure what your stroke should look like, it is very difficult to drill with any purposeful outcome. A good coach will help you develop this picture. You should be able to demonstrate a good swim stroke in front of a mirror (at home!).

  • If you are more knowledgeable about training for cycling or running, why not apply the same principles to your swimming program. Prioritising perhaps on aerobic development?

  • If you are in a squad, perhaps ask yourself - are you swimming someone else’s pace?

  • There are some great swim aids (never call them toys!) but are you becoming dependent on them? Are you trying to make swimming easier or are you using them for improvements in technique or for added conditioning?

A good starting point for any swimmer - is to know what speeds are aerobic and what speeds produce disproportionate amounts of lactate. Thereafter, it is important to plan how much time you should spend developing each system.

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