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Is the FTP test reliable ?

Is the FTP Test a Reliable, Reproducible and Functional Assessment Tool in

Highly-Trained Athletes?

Eanna and his colleagues decided to find out >

International Journal of Exercise Science 12(4): 1334-1345, 2019.

The aim of the current study was to assess reliability of the Functional Threshold Power test (FTP) and the corresponding intensity sustainable for 1-hour in a “quasi-steady state”. Highly-trained athletes (n = 19) completed four non-randomized tests over successive weeks on a Wattbike; a 3-min incremental test (GxT) to exhaustion, two 20-min FTP tests and a 60-min test at computed FTP (cFTP). Power at cFTP was calculated by reducing 20-min FTP data by 5% and was compared with power at Dmax and lactate threshold (TLac). Ventilatory and blood lactate (BLa) responses to cFTP were measured to determine whether cFTP was quasi-steady state . . .

Read the full study article : HERE


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