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My HUPHUP : Brian

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Job: Cloud Sales Solution Specialist, Salesforce UKI Swimmer: Age 5 - 21

Cyclist: Age 21-26 (FBD Milk Ras 2003, and 2004)

Triathlete: 6 years, then took a break and went back swimming as part of a Triathlon program

Club(s): Glenalbyn Swim Club, Trojan Swim Team, Bray Wheelers, Base2Race, HupHup, Asgard Masters Swim Team

Do your best and let life do the rest

Brian Harris recently went 18.54.32 to set a new Irish 1500m LC record (Masters 40-44). How does he find balance between work and play ?

What motivates you?

Over the years I have learned what suits me best is setting short and longterm goals. When I have a clear objective to go after it keeps me motivated and makes me most content. Goals can be sport, personal, or professional.

What is your favourite session in the pool?

Either 15x100m best possible average, or 10 x 400's off a tight time.

What is your least favourite session?

Kick sets on a board!!! Not a fan. Tell us a little about your build up to Nationals?

It wasn't ideal! I picked up a cold and missed 10 days of training but we had done a lot of aerobic conditioning before that and so when that's in the bank I know it's still possible to turn things around quickly.

When I got back to the pool I had 4 sessions (4km each) working off my 1.25 aerobic pace and then 2 days before the race added just one anaerobic session - with a simple main set of a 200m negative split for time. I also did a land based warm up that day knowing that there wasn't going to be much of a chance to warm up in the water in Limerick.

Actually - we set a plan that I would do a short hard run based warm up, do our pre race nutrition protocol and then the same land warm up before the start .. it worked well.

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