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Kim : IM 70.3 Staffordshire

Kim Hickey age-group champion 2018 Ironman 70.3 Staffordhsire

8 Weeks Out

There was an emphasis on increasing strength and endurance in all disciplines. I was doing more threshold work than earlier in the year. Longer swims, hilly bikes and turbo sets including work at predicted race power became staples.The latter became more race specific nearer the time. Much of my running was aerobic with paces being more clearly defined in the final few weeks. Weekly brick sessions were introduced, I was grateful of these necessary evils on race day :)

Race Plan

My primary aim was to get a good start in the swim. So I strategically and cheekily plonked myself near the front end of the 1,800 age groupers (huphup YES!). The prospect of being caught up in the washing machine was the impetus to swim faster! Bike tactics were simple: Stick to the numbers. We worked off normalised power. Run: Use the aid stations. The plan was to ensure I was comfortable at 5km and take it from there


This has been fine tuned through trial and plenty of errors. I follow the 1g of carb/kg body weight/hour approach. It works for me. I use Torq chews and gels; the higher carb content means less to carry. I had a stash of salt tabs just in case; I ate all these too. Staffordshire got warm!

Toughest part of buildup/raceday:
The waiting!

Race day itself offered a few hurdles: 1hr delayed swim start = too much time to think Foggy goggles = bit of a disaster Speed bumps = bye bye drink bottle A failing Garmin= uncontrolled running-see race plan!

I guess it's about how you deal with what comes your way . . it's a long day between rising and finishing.

Whats next:

Some national series races, building towards Dun Laoghaire 70.3 in August

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